Raleigh Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Harris & Hilton, P.A. represents clients in the acquisition, construction, financing, leasing, and disposition of residential real estate. We routinely act as the closing attorney for residential properties in all areas of the Triangle including Wake, Durham, Granville, Franklin, Chatham, Orange and Johnston Counties.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, condominium or townhouse, our goal is to make the transaction smooth and worry free while protecting your interest. We accomplish this by working closely with your Realtor, lender and other professionals that you retain, and also by being available to answer any questions that you may have along the way.

Additionally, our real estate practice is fully integrated with the related disciplines of land use, construction contracts, municipal approvals, real estate financing and contract disputes, business and corporate law, and estate planning and administration. This unique blend of talent and experience ensures that we can address and manage every aspect of your real estate transaction.

The purchase and sale of a home is one of the biggest investments and transactions that you may ever enter into. This process starts with the negotiation and execution of a written contract for the property. During this process, we are available to counsel clients any answer any questions they have concerning the terms, nature and conditions of the contract. After the parties have entered into a written contract, we perform a title examination on the property to determine if the seller has good title to convey and whether such title is subject to any liens and/or encumbrances. As part of the title examination process, we assist in discovering and resolving any title issues that may be discovered which may include, without limitation, the following:

  • Lost heirs, which are people who are not accounted for at time property was probated
  • Outstanding mortgages which are of record and must be canceled prior to the client’s purchase of the property
  • Liens on the property, such as tax liens, mechanics’ liens, and health care liens
  • Litigation actions and attachments

Any and all title issues must be resolved prior to closing so the seller can deliver a clear title to the buyer. In addition to the title examination, we will review your survey to ascertain whether there are any encroachments onto the property such as a fence or driveway.

We also work closely with your lender to establish a time and date for the closing and to make sure your lender has everything needed to finalize the loan documents. The loan documents are then forwarded to our office where we review and prepare the documents for execution along with a final settlement statement. The closing itself normally takes about an hour to review, explain and execute all of the documents.

For questions or assistance in scheduling a closing, please call 919.848.6164 or email:

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