Estate Planning and Administration

Raleigh Estate Planning Lawyer.

Estate planning involves formulating a plan to provide for the transfer of your assets during your life and upon your death in order to accomplish various goals. These goals may include the transfer of property to designated beneficiaries, maintenance and support of your spouse, children, parents or other loved ones, the minimization of costs and taxes, to ensure the transfer of closely held business interests, or the reduction of probate and other administrative expenses at death. Tools to accomplish these goals include the drafting and execution of a Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power Of Attorney, Desire For A Natural Death, lifetime gifting, the creation of revocable and irrevocable trusts, creation of family limited partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies, drafting buy sell agreements, signature cards, designating beneficiaries on retirement accounts, the purchase of life insurance plans and annuities, and charitable gifting.

We assist clients with coordinating, drafting and implementing an estate plan, which may utilize many of the tools referenced above, or may consist just of a simple will. Additionally, we assist individuals who have lost loved ones with probate and the administration of the deceased’s estate. This can entail the valuation of assets, disposition of property, probate court filings and appearances, and the preparation and filing of tax returns.

The first step in creating an estate plan is to gather information and create an overview of your current estate. To get the ball rolling, Email David and we will forward you an Estate Planning Questionnaire or call for an appointment.

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